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Energy Solutions

Our aim is to enable our customers to reduce CO2 emissions and to become energy independent whilst reducing utility costs. UCS is a trusted partner that will be available to support you throughout the lifetime of your system.

Whether you want a small solar array on a village hall or a larger system on a farm shed roof - solar makes excellent sense and can provide a healthy rate of return.   We are proud of all our systems - and focus on giving the same degree of care and attention to all our projects - big or small: from a small Village hall in North Yorkshire to a large cowshed in Kent.

Thousands of people are installing solar PV across the UK... isn't it time you joined them?

Solar PV – a brilliant solution

Solar PV – a brilliant solution

Solar PV systems are appearing everywhere you look for a good reason - they make sound financial sense.  Your roof could be providing your business with free, green electricity.  Whichever way you look at it, solar makes real business sense!

Whether you want a small solar array on an office or a larger system on a factory shed roof, solar makes excellent sense and can help you achieve greener electricity goals.

  • Solar PV systems generate free electricity with no carbon emissions
  • They are practicable for most buildings and result in no loss of usable building space
  • Solar PV systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance
  • Solar PV systems are reliable, have a predictable performance (PV modules have performance guarantees of over 25 years) and an expected life of over 40 years
  • Typical solar PV installations will save several tonnes of CO2 every year

Energy Solutions

UCS Technologies are fully aware that other supplementary solutions exist when it comes to reducing energy bills. Please speak to our team for a range of devices we can offer, such as

  • LED Lighting can save consumers up to 80% on lighting costs.
  • PV Optimisation utilises excess power from the PV system and converts it to free hot water.
  • Battery storage stores unused electricity generated by the panels for later use.
Energy  Solutions
Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

UCS offers domestic and commercial installations of a variety of EV charging points including but not limited to:

  • EVbox
  • Rolec
  • Zappi

We have a variety of options that can be matched to your charging needs. UCS can install both wall-mounted and free-standing chargers in varying colours. You can choose your desired charging time, we recommend 7.4kW although other options are available.

Many of the chargers we install feature smart technology that allows you to control charging sessions. EvBox is one of the chargers that UCS install, the following video details how smart features can be used to make the most of your electric vehicle charging point and control costs.


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Want to know what we can do for you? Please use this form to contact our team.