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Audio Visual

A solid AV system will help you communicate effectively with staff, clients and potential customers. It gives you chance to really promote yourself and show off your strengths to full effect.

We provide a range of AV systems from leading manufacturers, including SMART and Promethean.

Our solutions include:

  • Interactive screens
  • Ceiling and wall mounting projectors
  • Speaker systems
  • Video
  • Live TV
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Touch displays

AV systems are great for promotional messages, staff training and more. They’re an effective way to reach all ages and audiences and can give you a real competitive edge.

Having experience in all types educational and commercial environments, UCS Technologies understands our customer business issues and provides specialist advice bringing you innovative solutions.

Our engineers can professionally your new AV system and guide you through how to use it, so you’re in full control.

AV Consultancy

Speak to us about your AV needs and we’ll recommend systems that go beyond your expectations. We give technical advice as well as commercial guidance, and help you find cost efficient systems that give you the edge.

AV For Education

We’ve worked extensively with the education sector, providing AV systems to schools and colleges. We’re a known name in education and work with institutions throughout the UK and Ireland. From interactive whiteboards to presentation displays, we’re the experts.

Whether you’re look for AV systems to use internally for your staff or externally to wow customers, count on UCS.

AV Consultancy

Get In Touch

Want to know what we can do for you? Please use this form to contact our team.