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We have over 25 years experience in successfully deploying solutions to healthcare organisations throughout the UK. During this time we've witnessed the growing reliance of ICT in the delivery of healthcare. The availability of a high performance, resilient network infrastructure is fundamental as it is now the backbone upon which vital healthcare services are being delivered. Modern healthcare applications require guaranteed levels of performance for connectivity and availability, with users requiring increasing levels of functionality and mobility.

Healthcare professionals require access to a vast range of applications, data and services including: medical records, medical imaging, prescription details, test results, patient registration and staff rotas, and all while delivering patient care and confidentiality.

Keeping your organisation operating efficiently

We know what’s important to healthcare organisations and that’s why we’ve become a leading healthcare IT supplier in the north east, and a favourite nationwide. The right communications will enhance healthcare organisations and enable them to work more efficiently.

  • Bespoke networks designed for your organisation
  • Secure systems offering privacy and confidentiality
  • Reliable infrastructure using the best manufacturers in the industry
  • Maximum uptime
  • Communication within and between organisations
  • Real-time access to secure data

Meeting Quality Standards

Our solution architects and installation engineers follow formal standards, quality procedures and H&S practices to ensure our solutions are designed and deployed in line with statutory and organisational requirements to benefit the provision of healthcare.

Our experience in the healthcare sector includes the provision of:

  • UTP and STP structured cabling
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • LAN/WAN Switching and routing equipment
  • Wireless LAN solutions
Meeting Quality Standards

Healthcare Case Studies

We provide a free consultancy service so we can discuss what you need and offer advice on the best solutions for your organisation. We also advise on how to maximise the quality of your infrastructure when working within a budget

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Want to know what we can do for you? Please use this form to contact our team.